Barrier Mower, RI 60-80, Weed Clearing Brush, BR 70-90

Barrier Mower RI 60, RI 90

The Barrier Mower RI 60 and 80 is the perfect tool to
cut under fence wires, horse pen fence, crash barriers
or to cut close around trees in orchards or the like.
Below the spring-suspended free-hanging plate, there
are two strong up-draft blades that mow the grass.

• Under fence
• Horse fields
• Orchards
• Avenues
• Under guardrails


• Wear disc          • Good ground following capability
• Adjustable spiral springs for the plate
• Rubber protection around disc
• Two blades performs a uniform cutting result

Weed Clearing Brush BR 70, BR 90


The Weed Clearing Brushes BR 70 & BR 90 are
effective atcleaning pavements, gutters, cycle
paths, farmyards wherever there are tiles, asphalt
or cobblestones.


• Powerful and effective
• Hard steel brushes
• Hydraulic driven

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