CFB16 Compact Feller Buncher

CFB16 Feller Buncher
Harvest + Carry + Accumulate
The Compact Feller Buncher takes timber harvesting efficiency to the next level, allowing for first thinning through final harvesting at a fraction of the cost of traditional felling heads. Thanks to an integrated hydraulic circuit the Feller Buncher can attach to any brand of large frame track loader blending the strength and proven productivity of ordinary drive-to-tree felling heads, with a compact weight saving design.

Compact Harvesting Solutions    The Feller Buncher can tackle harvesting jobs usually reserved for much larger machines. When mounted on smaller prime carriers of under 100 hp the result is a cutting system that reduces fuel consumption while at the same time improving maneuverability.

Standard Accumulator Arm   An accumulator arm is included to gather multiple trees before taking them to the pile. Up to 7 trees 125mm in diameter can be gathered. The main grapple arms of the Feller Buncher have built in cushion valves and are built rugged enough to tackle any tree up to 300mm in diameter. Additionally they are long enough to pick logs up off the ground if that is needed.

Cutting Disc    The Feller Buncher features a 1015mm cutting disc equipped with 20 TS3 carbide cutting teeth. The TS3 tooth has been developed out of mining grade carbide allowing for ground contact. The tooth can be rotated three times and has up to 500 hours of tooth life.

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