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Cutterbars HX 170, 230, 270, HL 150, 180, 210, 240, S 165, 190

Cutterbar Fenceline

The HX 170-230-270 Cutterbars are extremely powerful and effective finger bars for cutting fenceline hedges up to 11 cm thickness. The HX is used everywhere, where there are branches to be cut or trees to be pruned. The construction is simple and VERY sturdy.


  • Perfect cutting quality of branches and twigs
  • Forward speed = good capacity
  • Cutting frequency of 60 strokes per minute
  • Trimmer bars made ​​of Hardox steel = extreme lifespan
  • Hydraulic flowdivider
  • Soft Turn technology

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Cutterbar Hedges

HL150-180-210-240 Cutterbars
The four models in the HL series are powerful hedge
trimmers for the regular maintenance of hedges and fences,
both in the municipal, residential and agricultural sectors.
The special rifled knives leave a smooth cut on the branches.
Branches up to 4 cm in thickness, and small thin twigs
are equally, perfectly cut.


• Perfect cutting quality of branches and twigs
• Fast Frequency cut system, between 200 and 400 cuts per minute
• Fingers with ball ends, thereby avoiding the branches getting stuck
• Fast replaceable blade with “fluted” bolts

Grass Cutterbar

Grass Cutterbar S 165 and 190 is used for mowing grass
in inaccessible areas where the cut-off material is not
required to be pulverized.


• Hydraulic drive
• Can be delivered as right or left working
• Bidux blade system
• Cuts up to 1 cm Ø