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FH 08-36 Fence Hog

The FH 08-36 (900mm Diameter) – handles up to 30m. roll of chain link or 100m. roll of woven wire.
Developed with the assistance of Professional Fence Builders, the patented Fence Hog® unit was designed to satisfy customer request for a machine that picks up and dispenses cumbersome rolls of chain link fence easily with no physical effort.
Powered by hydraulics of the skid-steer Loader, the uniquely designed cage mechanism opens and tilts to retrieve the roll of fence from the ground. For the Fence Contractor, this means no more unrolling fence by hand and using extra men to stand it up. With the standard features of the Fence Hog®, this machine allows optimum efficiency for the fence contractor to install fabric quickly, easily, and professionally using only two people.

  • No heavy lifting
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Dispenses and stretches fence
  • For use with a skid-steer loader
  • Up to 900mm diameter roll capacity
  • Removable center post to hold woven wire in center of cage
  • Sealed with powder coat paint
  • Extension available for dispensing 3000mm to 3600mm. fence, max. 4800mm.
  • Rotating turntable to smoothly dispense fabric
  • Works with various fencing material such as chain link, woven wire, vinyl coated fabric, snow fence, etc.
  • Attaches directly to skidsteer loader with a universal skidsteer attachment plate
  • “Tilt” Full dispense swivel option for uneven terrain

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