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Grapple Rake

The Grapple Rake with Hydraulic Grapples, is particularly suitable for the handling of hay, stray, bush, manure or other bulk materials. Due to its grapples, it is able to keep hold of the gathered material, increasing the loading capacity.

If you need to clean up freshly cleared ground, you need a grapple rake that digs just a few inches under the surface and pulls the roots and debris to the top. The bottom tines of a grapple rake are designed for holding capacity When selecting a root rake for your tractor you should keep in mind the size of your tractor and make sure you don’t get a root rake that is too wide for your tractor. The grapple on the top part of the grapple rake is designed to grip down and hold the debris in place for transportation.

The grapple on the grapple rake can also be used to pull debris away from buildings or fences and then to grapple for transportation making the unit good for debris clean up virtually anywhere. We offer a wide selection of sizes of grapple rakes.

WIDTH (mm)                    1500           1575          1675          1725          1830          1980         2135
WEIGHT (kg)                     272             290           305           300            315             320           338


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