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Hog Crusher

hog crusher

Hog Crusher Material Recycling System
An affordable way to keep your job site cleaner, safer, and environmentally friendly!  The Hog Crusher would be perfect for:

1. Recycling Concrete, Block, Brick and Stone Materials on the job site by crushing it into back fill material so it does not have to be hauled off the job site saving thousands of dollars in disposal costs.
2. Crushing Block, Brick and Concrete into useable fill and driveway material.
3. Eliminating extra dumpsters on your job site by recycling job site debris.
4. Recycling Asphalt into fill material.
5. Crushing Stone into Gravel type material.
6. Crushing excess job site debris to 25% or less of it’s size.

The Hog Crusher Job Site Material Recycler easily attaches to your skid steer loader or forklift to become an on-the-spot recycling center at your job site. It can recycle most materials • brick, block, stone, rock, asphalt, non-reinforced concrete up to four inches thick and more.

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