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QUADSAW LRS 1402, 1602, 2002, 2402, 4002,4802

Hydraulic Circular Saws for tractors, excavators and large loaders

Quadsaw LRS 1402

is a small yet powerful quadsaw with four saw blades,
a working width of 1.4 m and a low weight of 48 kg. The quadsaw has a
wide range of applications in multiple sectors, such as farming, municipal
and private. The Quadsaw LRS 1402 is known for its perfect and clean
cut of both thin twigs and thick branches up to 10 cm diameter.


• Low weight               • Forward speed = high capacity
• Perfect cutting quality – both thick and thin branches
• Power Drive transmission, high efficiency, low power requirements
• Saw blades with carbide tipped teeth = long life and
.                                                                                                  minimal maintenance (grinding)

Quadsaw LRS 1602                                                                Quadsaw LRS 2002

is very quiet due to its special build blades                              is a new model based on 15 years of experience. The
and is therefore suitable for residential and municipal            quadsaw leaves a perfect and clean cut and has a
areas. Both thick branches and thin twigs are cut with            huge capacity for cutting large limbs.  It is mainly
a perfect clean cut.  The Quadsaw has a very high                  used in the agricultural and municipal sectors and
capacity with low power requirements.                                      can be attached to reach arms for tractors or the
.                                                                                                 Multi Carrier HXF for front end loaders, telescopic loaders, etc.

Quadsaw LRS 2402                                                                Quadsaw LRS 4002, 4802

The Quadsaw LRS 2402 are the most powerful saw                GreenTec presents the world’s largest saw with
with a working width on 2.4 m. The circular saw                        working width of either 4.0 or 4.8 m. The saw can be
are characterized by an enormous capacity and                        used for cutting branches and hedges in municipal
a perfectly clean cut of the branches.  The Quadsaw                 areas or  maintaining hedgerows in the agricultural
LRS 2402 is mainly used in agriculture and                                areas. The saw can be mounted on larger backhoe
municipal sectors for hedge cutting and windbreak                    loaders and excavators. It goes without saying that
maintenance.  Branches up to 21 cm are sawn off                     the capacity is huge.
with a completely clean cut.


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