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MMH20 Mobile Mud Hog

The MMH20 Mobile Mud Hog® is designed to thoroughly and quickly mix materials and deliver those materials directly to the post-hole. The Mobile Mud Hog® comes standard-equipped
with six patented rubber blades that wipe the sides of the drum and continually roll the mix to the center of the drum to allow for the best mixing process.  With the Mobile Mud Hog® , the contractor simply adds water and materials, starts the paddle rotation, and mixes.  The skid steer operator simply drives along the fence line or pouring area while the material continues to mix as it is dispensed through the side discharge snout. The Mobile Mud Hog® mixes and dispenses quickly. In fact, Matt Thompson of Fence Solutions, Lancaster, Ohio, stated, “We filled 80
post holes in 30 minutes!”

The hydraulic powered Mobile Mud Hog® comes standard with Bobcat® attachment plates and forklift pockets to allow even more versatility.  Or, units can be built to the contractor’s specifications. With a load capacity of nearly one-half cubic yard, the Mobile Mud Hog® improves your jobsite efficiency.

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