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Multi Carrier HXF

The Multi Carrier HXF is designed for mounting on skid steer loaders, front loaders, telescopic handlers and other types of loaders.
A large selection of attachment tools can be fitted to the Multi Carrier HXF that enables you to utilize your loader for maintenance of windbreaks, hedges, woodlands and under the fence mowing etc.

Front end loader attachments for hedge cutting and windbreak maintenance

GreenTec Multi Carrier HXF 2802 is an attachment frame for front end loader mount mainly, but can also be mounted on bigger skid steer loaders or the like.

It offers great flexility as it enables you to mount 11 attachment tools for different purposes, e.g. hedge cutting, fence trimming, guardrail mowing, and cleaning of sidewalks.

The Quadsaw LRS 1602 and Cutterbar HL 150 – 240 series are both attachment tools that will fit perfectly to the HXF attachment frame and can be used for hedge cutting and windbreak maintenance.

The GreenTec Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 102 & 132 can be used for light hedge maintenance where the hedge material is cut and shredded in one motion, so you do not have to gather the cut-off materials afterwards.

We also offer attachment tools for cutting under fence wires, crash barriers or to cut close around trees in orchards or the like with our GreenTec RI 60 & 80 series.

Our GreenTec BR 70 & 90 series of weed brushes can be used for effective cleaning of sidewalks, gutters, courtyards, anywhere where there are tiles, asphalt or paving stones.

The Multi Carrier HXF 2802 is installed in a few minutes in the loading gear bracket. The arm has a hydraulic break-back with auto reset, which also acts as a cushion to the quadsaw. The amount of oil required for Quadsaw LRS 1602 is 40 l/min and for the cutterbar HL 25 l/min. Hydraulic connections needed is one double acting valve and a free return. When installing the hydraulic cutting angle is another double acting valve required Alternatively, an electric coltrol valve can be purchased.

    • Mounted on front end loaders and large skid steer loaders
    • High road safety
    • AHS, Automatic Hydraulic Break-back
    • 40 l/min flow divider standard (25 l/min)
    • Build in anti cavitation valve
    • Easy attachment system
    • Compatible with 10 attachment tools

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