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The Precast Hog is used to dispense premixed concrete on construction sites and is suitable for use with excavators, fork lifts, cranes and front end loaders.  It can be powered by petrol, electricity or hydraulics.  Applications include filling block walls, reaching difficult places, filling pier holes, etc.  The precast Hog can be supplied with a 112mm or 200mm Auger,which can be easily removed for cleaning

• 4nch or 6 inch discharge
• Powered by gas, electric, or hyraulic motor
• Swivel or stationary base
• 4 1/2 inch auger or 8 inch auger
• Hand or foot controls
• Crane Bail – recessed for low overhead clearance or raised
• Drastically cuts vibrating and placement time
• Less raking and shoveling
• 4 to 5 slump – no problem
• Sizes up to 3 cubic yards
• Easily work around rebar and outlets
• Removable auger – easy cleanup
• Moves easily from point to point
• Labor savings and increased production
• Available with forklift pockets and/or crane bail
• Less mess and less waste= MORE PROFIT

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