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Hedge Cutter RC 102-132-162, Hedge Mulcher RM 232

RC 102, RC 132, RC 162 Hedge Cutter

GreenTec Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 102, 132 and 162
are ”all in one” top professional attachment tools
for maintenance of hedges and windbreaks.
Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 102, 132 and 162 perform
three workflows in one operation. The RC series
cuts the hedge with a clean cut, the cut-off material
is shredded and disposed by decay on the ground.


• Perfect cutting quality
• Reduction of diseases in the hedge
• High working speed up to 2.5 km/h
• No expenditures for disposal of cut-off material
• Minimal wear and maintenance costs
• The enclosed cutter housing improves safety
• Low noise level which reduces noise nuisance


RM232 Hedge Mulcher for tractor, excavator and telehandler

Rotary Mulcher RM 232 is a top professional tool, ideal for cutting windbreaks in municipal and agricultural segments. Large capacity combined with an “all in one” concept, where all functions are performed in one workflow. The hedge mulcher has a clean cut and leaves the material pulverized at the bottom. Branches up to 4 cm are cut and crushed into small pieces.


  • Perfect cutting quality of branches up to 4 cm Ø
  • High capacity, 2.3 m. working width – up to 4 km/h
  • No costs for disposal of the cut-off material
  • 6 pieces of free-swinging blades per rotor (deviate from overload)
  • Minimal wear and maintenance
  • Many mounting options

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