Turbo Mulcher TM60 Skid Steer

The Turbo Mulcher TM60 is designed be an all in one land clearing attachment for skid steers and compact track loaders.

Any Material: The TM60 uses carbide teeth to cut through trees and brush regardless of the hardness or density, the TM60 also allows operators to cut and mulch grass and weeds as easily as dense wood.

Industry Leading Components:From the latest generation piston motors, to abrasion resistant steel in high wear areas, to machined billet bearing housings all it takes is one look and it’s clear the TM60 is a world class mulching attachment.

Maximized Ease of Use: The TM60 boasts the fastest rotor spool up of any skid steer mulcher, which when combined with its high efficiency design allows even inexperienced operators to quickly produce professional quality mulching results in the most demanding of applications.

10 Facts that make the TM60 so amazing:

1.Same durability, just a better drum. Frame for Frame, the TM60 has one of the heaviest frames in the industry. Its new patent pending drum technology is what sets it apart from traditional hammer-style mulchers. A hammer-style mulcher breaks through trees with mass which requires high horsepower that is hard on a skid steer (overheats and accelerates wear on the machine). TM60’s drum technology requires less horsepower to cut material. This efficiency eliminates the overheating issues that occur with high horsepower mass mulchers.

2. The TM60 is extremely maneuverable due to its streamlined drum design.

3.Saw wood or hammer it? The TM60 drum uses saw teeth instead of hammer teeth. It also uses more teeth that deliver smaller and faster bites per second therefore guaranteeing maximum cutting performance. The TS3 tooth takes a 1/8th inch bite, and spins 2,000 rpms.

4.Smaller bite means smaller debris.

5.More Economical: 60% less for replacement cost versus the hammer style tooth.
6.Longest Lasting Cutting Tooth: The TS3 lasts up to 500 hours even when cutting in dirt & sand.
7. 63% reduction in heat generation due to the TS3 rotatable carbide tooth.

8. Zero Maintenance Direct Drivetrain:

9. The main bearing is 30% larger than other mulchers and has a single point grease zerk with an integrated pressure relieve to guarantee optimum grease levels.

10. Spools up within seconds for rapid recovery time (hammer style mulchers have a significant recovery time). Hydraulic brake stops the drum in under 4 seconds


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